Couroquímica / Carmen Steffens group started in 1983, when the founder Mario Spaniol began his entrepreneur trajectory in the city of Franca, São Paulo. Couroquímica is born in the same year, a pioneer entrepreneurship in its field of activity, which has grown over the years, always focusing on the development of its products and on the need of its customers and the leadership of Brazilian leather market.

Couroquímica Company is recognized nationally and internationally for its quality standards. All raw material used in the tannery are tested: chemicals, “blue” leather, water treatment and also the finished products. Our laboratory is a reference in the segment, with skilled professionals who value the physical space and its tools.

Couroquímica goal has always been to lead and serve as a reference in fashion trends, developing leather each time more customized and innovated for a market that lacks new products.

Also part of the Group is Carmen Steffens, a factory of women shoes and accessories which is focused on the modern women who value style and sophistication.


Delight our clients with cutting-edge technology for leather development, following world trends and guaranteeing quality standard and on-time delivery, sustainable use of resources and constant improvement in process, all of it with a fair price.


To be a worldwide reference, and to be recognized by clients, associates, vendors and the community by our quality, innovation in the process, environment concern and excellent customer service.


  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Constant Improvement
  • Human Valorization
  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

Quality Policy

Develop leather artefacts, with quality, performance and innovation to attend client´s demands, through:

  • Ethical and responsible development of constant improvement of products and process, by the scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Continued capacity building of human resources, aiming the development of individual and collective competences for both human and corporate growth.
  • Promotion of truly partnership with vendors;
  • Profit as a performance measure;
  • Environmental sustainability and social responsibility,

Sustainability Policy

Develop leather artefacts through the permanent search of improvements, by the promotion of new technologies in products and process and in the management of sustainability. Hence, to be economically viable, socially fair, environmentally correct, following the current legislation, reducing and controlling wastes and residues, improving the use of natural resources and finally promoting life quality and welfare of our associates.